Learning Through Play

Children are naturally curious. Unleash their full potential to explore, create and imagine. Blocks Rock! is a competitive block building activity that helps students develop spatial thinking and mental rotation skills. The educational resource helps students learn through play.

For home or school

Designed for ages 6 and up, Blocks Rock! can be played with two people or groups of people on two teams. Improves individual skills and works as a team-building activity.

Family Benefits

Fun and educational time together

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Teacher Benefits

Constructive use of free time

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Administrator Benefits

Development of critical STEM skills

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Family Benefits

Unplug and reconnect as a family. Although the game was designed for ages 6 and up, younger children can play with help from an adult, or older sibling. Your time as a family is precious. Blocks Rock! is a fun game that allows you to play with as little as two players, or with a larger group on two teams. Your kids will love racing each other to complete block structures.

  • Fun for the entire family.
  • Triggers brain development.
  • All ages play together such as grandparents and grandchildren.

Teacher Benefits

Structured play is not a waste of time, but rather an opportunity to explore previous experiences and lessons. Blocks Rock! engage students in small or large groups. The block building activity promotes teamwork and quick thinking, as well as spatial thinking and mental rotation.

  • STEM skill development.
  • Ready-made Station.
  • Playful learning.
  • More independent play.

Administrator Benefits

Speed, accuracy and competition make Blocks Rock! the perfect tool to stimulate young minds. Structured block play in which children build a given structure requires the ability to analyze a spatial representation. Research shows that children playing with Blocks Rock! showed significant changes in brain activation in regions linked to both motor and spatial processing.

  • Develops critical STEM skills.
  • Portable, no wires or batteries.
  • Researched at a major university.

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"Our children LOVE the game and beg to play it. Our students are able to practice working on their spatial skills, pattern recognition, fine motor skills, and much more, all while having fun!"

Cindy Nelson, Curriculum Director. Center for Educational Excellence, Tempe, Arizona.

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